The Dream Tree

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well and doing okay. It is with great joy that I wanted to share some good news. I am having a children’s book published called ‘The Dream Tree: Part One’. It is for children aged 6 to 8 and is about hope and resilience against the odds. It also deals with childhood trauma.

I have always dreamed of being in print one day and now my long awaited dream has come true. It has been a while on my journey but I am really excited about this new stage. I have included the URL below.

I encourage anyone who may have a long term aspiration, to pursue their dream. Life has its ups and downs and not all things turn out how we would wish. But there is beauty and there is always always hope.

March into April

Today is April fools day. And I don’t want to play any tricks or tease you at all. I am amazed I managed to write almost every day last year; this year has been really busy as my work has been very full on. So I don’t write as much. I hope you enjoy the previous posts and the hope recipes have kept you going.

Sometimes life does not turn out as we expect and my lessons for this year are that we sometimes need to face head on the darkest and worst aspects of ourselves and deal with these. I have started to do this; face my most hidden places and tackle them.

In a pandemic, vulnerability is everywhere. People’s pain is spilling over; I see so many people ready to cry and also wanting the support of a listening ear. I work in the community and many are in hardship, However many are also offering great support and generosity to others.

As things ease slightly in the UK, I wonder how we will be in the ‘new normal’. My feeling is that we will all be different and hopefully much less self focussed, more community minded.

So my Easter thoughts are that as we head towards the Summer and sunshine, we are mindful of the sacrifices made by many and we take stock. Take stock and time to reflect on what is important. And be authentic and true to ourselves.

Mama to Mama

These beautiful clothes are an example of the amazing Mama to Mama project. This is a wonderful project, where pre-loved baby items are presented in a gorgeous box with a lovely note and given to new mamas. from mama to mama.

The instigator of this idea is Jayne Furniss. The pre-loved items are sourced from a mamma’s group and the Community Outreach Project Margate. Boxes are given to vulnerable new mamma’s.

This is an example of preventing beautiful things going to landfill as well as helping to support new mothers. It is a synthesis of old and new, the cycle of life in motion.

Let’s get creative in this pandemic!

February Reflection

The snow has hit us in the UK with a fierce face. I am snowed in, sat in a room day after day as I don’t want to slip and slide and topple. And so are many others.

Battling to stay safe. Battling to stay safe in a pandemic and a snow-time. And keeping spirits up despite grim news of 114, 000 deaths. I am alive, I am still fit and healthy. Gratitude is part of my day. Gratitude for health, friends and family.

And I am still able to work in an amazing project with amazing people. We are trying to help people with clothes, household goods and other items, to make staying at home a little bit easier.

This February is a mixture of cold, white and different. Staying in a different place to keep family safe. Keeping away from others, keeping distance but yet working through this crisis. It is a mixture.

I still carry my flame of hope. I still walk on through this storm and hope for a brighter day when we can return to a life when we can embrace again and fully connect as humans.

“Tomorrow will be a good day”

Goodnight to our National Treasure Captain Sir Tom Moore. RIP.

This man was my hero. He brought hope and joy to our nation and inspired us all.

For those in Britain, we share the sadness of losing one amazing bright star however he achieved the amazing age of 100.

Captain Sir Tom Moore: Remembering the achievements of a national hero – BBC News

Thank you and goodnight Captain Sir Tom


Clip care of BBC News

January Reflection

You may have noticed a change with the blog-well there has been one. I completed my adventure into hope so the recipes will be there, but this year I will be taking a different stance. Following the suggestion of Writing Presence who writes an excellent blog, I am going to write twelve reflections, for the twelve months of the year.

Today’s is about how my local community is rippling out kindness to one another. I live in Thanet, one of the most deprived communities in the South East, with high levels of unemployment, many suffering from physical disability or mental health issues. Things here are on paper, pretty grim.

Add to that and what do you get? In actual fact, the opposite from what you would imagine. People helping one another. I am part of an online Facebook community called The Clothes/Shoes Helpline and this is where people need items and other people give. So someone might need nappies and another person has spare, so they give them. It is a give and take process. An exchange of kindness.

I run a clothing bank which is also a befriending service. Maslow’s hierachy of needs is very interesting here. Maslow states that the most fundamental human need is food, water, warmth and rest.

See the source image

Sadly many people do not have enough food. Their physiological needs are unmet. With the pandemic, if basic needs are not met, then people are much more likely to catch Covid. Perhaps meeting these basic needs will help in the fight against it.

In order to self-actualise, many steps need to be climbed. And so food banks are vital, as are clothes banks. Many people on universal credit cannot afford to heat their homes, so basic necessities such as bedding, shoes and warm clothes are beyond theie meagre means. If something breaks down, it is likely the choice will be made to do without.

Thus many families in today’s Britain have no decent bedding, shoes with holes in and children without a warm coat. In my view, every town now needs a food bank and a clothes bank too.

redistribution of unwanted good is becoming a necessity. Let’s recycle unwanted items to charities, rather than chuck them. Or put things outside to be taken away. A small clothes rail with free clothes on it may really help someone. You could put a note saying please only touch what you take.

Just a few thoughts. So much is written about saving our planet. Perhaps we could be creative with recycling and far less would go to landfill.


maslow’s hierarchy of needs – Bing images (accessed 20/01/01).

And just in case you are wondering…

This post is number 353. So only 12 short. I don’t think that’s too bad somehow. Until 2021 X

What an adventure of hope

At the start of this year I committed to write every day during 2020. And I didn’t quite achieve it, but I think having a fractured wrist excuses me a few days. So as today draws towards its close, there are almost but not quite 365 posts. And that is okay.

I am pleased that I wrote almost every day for 2020. I am thrilled to have a lovely number of followers and have received many lovely comments and likes. As a first time blogger I have been introduced to a wonderful community of like minded people.

I am still thinking what to do over the next year, so watch this space. I am not going to be writing daily, as it is a huge commitment, but I will keep you updated with the 2021 adventure!

I would love to hear about how the daily recipes of hope have helped you on your life journey and whether you have found the blogs helpful in this very difficult year. I have found them helpful to write and have learnt a lot about Hope. I think my work has benefitted; hope has helped me to carry great hopes for other people.

Today’s final hope recipe is to write down your hopes for next year and keep them visible. Because hope truly keeps us alive X

A celebration of 3000

I wanted to acknowledge and thank all those of you who have viewed my blog. I love to celebrate milestones as you know and am greatly appreciative of all those who have taken the time to look at my posts and musings over the past almost 365 days.

It is lovely to see figures like 3000. I am truly grateful also to those followers and encouragers for their kindness, comments and support.

And for all fellow bloggers out there and especially newbe ones, keep going because blogging is a beautiful thing! X

Goodbye 2020 (almost)

I think I can almost certainly vouch for this being the worst year for many of us. I have had two bereavements this month, both were not close to me, but I am very sad nonetheless. Friends have suffered financially, had bereavements and the list goes on.

But this year I have seen evidence of great hope; there is a beautiful FB page where numerous people have shared photos of their gorgeous grandchildren born this christmas season, or their lavishly ornamented trees. I have seen an abundance of community kindness, compassion and generosity of spirit.

So 2020has taken but it has alos given us much. It has taught us all many lessons and life is definitely different from how it was in 2019.

What are your greatest lessons of the year? Please share with us all.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider what your greatest gains have been this year and also the greatest lesosns and write them down. Don’t let them go. I have learnt the value of people over material possessions and want to hold onto that X

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