Hope into rain day 9

So today I went to visit the beautiful survivors that are the koalas. They have managed to struggle through bushfires, their mothers’ being hit by a car and one even clung to a car bonnet for about 350 metres as the car was driving!

Just watching Mary, who is blind but oh so happy with her feast of eucalyptus leaves really touched my heart. I thought of Lewis who sadly didn’t make it, but united the world with his story and brought me to this hospital. RIP little Lewis.

Yesterday I was about to swim in the lovely pool at the Port Aloha motel when the delightful Connie said to me that the beach was close by. So I went to gaze in wonder at bleached white sand lapped by azure waves.

I started to ponder on this and realised that we can live our life in the pool when the beach is just in sight. By this I mean: I was prepared to enjoy the pool, when there was an amazing and far better experience just a short walk away.

Due to battling depression over many years, my own emotions have been my focus. Now I am starting to enjoy life rather than engaging with my own pain.

This journey into hope is greatly helping me, because my focus and thoughts are directed towards it. I feel as if I have been given a gift.

One of my biggest prayers while I have been here is for rain. I had literally just left the koala hospital when it started to pour and now I am sheltering under the roof of the Salvation Army building.

So today I am hopeful that rain prayers have been heard. I am hopeful because there is a wonderful hospital for koalas and they are not extinct. I am hopeful that over two million dollars has been raised to keep this hospital going.

Keep swimming in the sea X

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