Hop into hope day 15

Today I am heartened by the $50,000 committed to the bush fire victims. This awful national tragedy continues to dominate my thinking as it is the thinking of most Australians. There is a proverb in the bible which states: ‘hope deferred makes the heart sick’ and I feel this is very apt in the wake of the bushfires-people need to hope that relief may come and come quickly. Like the man who is now housed in a tent in his niece’s garden-he has safety and shelter and is preparing to start again, albeit at age 63.

I seem to feel very entwined with the bushfire crisis, possibly because I am a tourist although I was born in Sydney and secondly because in the UK floods rather than fires are the prevailing concern.

Today I have started a new project which I will keep under wraps for now, although it is a writing project. So watch this space. I am hopeful because I am redefining my life towards my long nurtured dream of becoming a writer. I have taken massive steps to be able to achieve this and my view is that nothing is impossible, we do not need to be stuck or constrained. Life and the best life is, in my view, trying to be true to oneself, whatever this may mean for an individual and obviously as long as it does not cause harm to others in the process.

So my hope recipe for today is simple-trying a new project and achieving a dream in small stages. Change starts with one small step at a time and I feel hope does. I have taken many hope steps over recent days and fifteen days into this experiment, I am making far larger strides than I ever thought possible and also venturing into my dreams in a way I never thought possible too. So be encouraged, dear readers, it is never too late to take that first small step towards a new tomorrow.

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