Hopeincidences day 16

Today I would like to discuss the phrase ‘Carpe Diem’, or seize the day. By this I mean that sometimes we make a choice and this choice can lead to the most amazing outcomes.

So I had the opportunity of meeting someone who I have known for many years but not spent much time with. With the sands of time rapidly draining in regard to my Antipodean adventure, I decided it would be nice to make the effort and reconnect.

Without going into detail, we discovered so much common ground during our meeting. This was what I would now describe as a hopeincidence-a chance encounter which offers much promise for the future. I am so glad I made the effort, so pleased I spent a lovely morning meeting with a precious and special human.

Flipping this over, in a mindset not so long ago, I would have let this moment slip by. I would have been too tired, or just not made the effort. I have realised since starting this journey into hope 2020 that many moments have been lost through the wrong mental images and choices. Many many moments have been lost through procrastination, which is I feel, the opposite of ‘carpe dieming‘. I have let opportunities fall into ashes before they have even had a chance to light. The journey of hope has intrinsically been about making many different choices and doing things and life differently.

I have used an image of an outstretched hand for today’s blog, because togetherness is another important ingredient of today’s hope recipe. My friend held out her hand to me in friendship today and this was a precious blessing. We need other humans to help us up when we fall. We need other humans to hold us and hug us and show kindness. I have felt this particularly during my time in Sydney.

So today’s recipe of hope comprises: connectedness, togetherness, empathy and friendship. It also consists of seizing the moment and making a plan, even if time is short. This is important because sometimes opportunities present themselves which may never pass by again.

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