Journey Into Hope day 12

I am in the process of preparing to leave Australia. Being here during a National emergency has been harrowing, sobering and has also shown me a different perspective on life.

I have been absorbing the amazing visit to the Koala Hospital. One experience can last several days.

Stories continue to emerge of the incredible courage of humans and wildlife and also as is the soil of tragedies, the eerie predictability of loss and grief. A huge shout out to the hunter who has been rescuing koalas and the koala saving dogs, as well as the Australian firies.

Last night I watched two films, which made a significant imprint upon my heart. The first film was ‘The Aeronuats’. This was essentially about reaching for the celestial skies, smashing records and heroic perseverance against all the odds. Uplifting and inspiring.

The second film which really touched me was ‘The Potato Peel Pie book Club’. This is about following your heart and refusing to settle for an insincere, mediocre life. Totally loved it.

It made me reflect upon whether I am being truly myself or just stuffing myself into a prescribed mould. How many of us question the life we are leading? Having been stuck and then prised myself out of a self imposed prison in 2018, I will always take the am I truly happy inventory.

So my hope ingredients for today’s recipe are asking tough, challenging questions, watching movies, looking back as well as looking forward.

I wish you a hope filled week X

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