Recipe for hope day 19

Today I am heading back to the UK. I am heading back to circumstances I don’t want to face- a move I have been forced into making and other situations which are not very good.

So how do I remain hopeful when I am faced with a set of circumstances I am not relishing. Well, I need to make a choice. I have to decide whether I will head into negative speculation, or whether I will remain hopeful. I have planned my move as best I can and I have put things in place to make is easier to achieve.

Sometimes life does not dish up things on a silver platter. Sometimes we are disappointed, sometimes we are sad. However I am making a decision that I will continue on my hope journey because that is the route I have decided to live by and that decision gives me peace.

I have had many beautiful and amazing and yes miraculous experiences whilst in Australia. I am overjoyed to have seen rain pouring from the sky and quenching the desperate thirst of the land. I have seen people ravaged by fire who have remained brave and hopeful. I have seen community spirit alive and flourishing. I have had the honour of living through a time of tragedy and learnt lessons through the pain which I will take back. The importance of honouring the climate, doing my bit to support wildlife and also the precious nature of water that I have often taken for granted.

So my recipe for hope is this-choosing to hope, making a positive plan and as my father has taught me, adapting to circumstances rather than rigidly clinging to yesterday’s plan.

Have a hopeful week X

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