Moving the hope goal posts

Well today I am at a low ebb and my hope stock is not very high.

I am choosing to focus on Hope. I capitalise the name, because she has become like a person, somewhat of an imaginary friend and I feel the reality of her presence as a comfort, reassuring me.

Hope has many different forms and facets. Today, suffering from chronic jet lag and the stress of moving, I view Hope as my Guardian Angel because life is burning down as I know it. I watch piece after piece put into boxes to be locked away. My life in storage.

Australia helped me understand that fire comes and burns but it cannot destroy the human spirit. The beauty of Hope helps one rise up.

Hope today is a lifeline, a necessity to stop me plunging into the icy waters of despair. Circumstances have not been kind and neither has life in many ways.

So dear readers as Jane Austen would say, I offer the simple recipe today that maybe Hope is a friend.

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