Hope is trying hard

So having moved, the ensuing chaos that has arrived meant the loss of items newly purchased. For some reason this made a profound impact upon me sending me into a low place. I mourned life, I mourned my recent trip, I felt battered and bruised by recent circumstances that have overtaken me. And basically I felt like hope had abandoned me.

But then I found my personal faith. I prayed my prayer of desperation and I tried to battle on. Soon afterwards my lost item was found in an amazing way. So my spirits lifted.

I am beginning to see that our relationship with hope fluctuates. Hope also can present in many forms. My feeling today is that hope is fighting hard to help me, finding me in my cave of despond.

For those of you who are struggling, I would like to say that life does truly have better days than others. Hope waxes and wanes in terms of her visible and tangible presence and sometimes she seems farther away than on brighter days.

So today’s recipe for hope is perseverance and hope she will appear again. For those of you feeling hopeless as I have been recently please keep going. Wishing those of you who need it courage and perseverance X

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