Happy birthday Hope

Well today is my birthday, so I feel more expectant than I have during the last few days. I admit to grappling with hope over the past week, rather than finding, or experiencing her. I now understand why Hope was the last element in Pandora’s box-because she can seem elusive. and this can feel painful, disappointing almost. My hope journey and actually I would almost term this my hope quest, thus far, has shown me that daily recipes for hope are all different-sometimes they are ingredients such as perseverance or determination and sometimes the recipe comprises joy and expectancy. So hope in my view has a vast panoply of meanings. And yes hope is a voyage and well worth discovering.

I am writing in a rainbow of colours today, because that is how I see hope now-many colours, shades and hues. Today hope is of a birthday cake-looking good on the outside and delicious to the taste. Thank you for joinng me today on my birthday and I wish you birthday blessings as you read this.

Over recent days I experienced the fires of NSW, not directly, but the aftermath. I faced a fiery situation before I left for Australia and being there made me realise how life can change and sometimes through life’s circumstances, fire can come. However this is not the end. New growth has resurrected in Australia and new growth can come on our lives. But bitterness and looking backwards to things that have been burnt down is not helpful. I am trying to walk firmly on a new path, through the new pasture in which I find myself. I choose to accept the things I cannot change, in the words of the beautiful prayer.

Birthdays are a time of celebration. I have lived over half a century now and have many a tale to tell. I can speak of pain, pleasure and battles fought, some lost, some won. I can speak of beauty and ashes, triumph and adversity. And yes I can speak of Hope because I feel I know her in a closer way than I ever did before.

So, Happy Birthday to me and Happy Australia Day to you all.

So today the rainbow hope recipe is: birthday celebrations, acceptance and in its essence hope.

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