Not losing hope

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. Martin Luther King Jr 

Today I would like to discuss how we accept finite disappointment. How do we not lose infinite hope? This is an intriguing quote and I wonder what it means and how to put it into practice. I have been struggling over recent days with disappointment and wonder how we do not lose hope. I would welcome any comments from you dear readers in relation to this.

Perhaps the toughest challenge is when disappointment comes in a flood. This week I am struggling with not wanting to be in my current situation. I feel rather powerless and not able to go forward. I am experiencing hopelessness rather than hope.

The antidote to despair is to find a pathway through. I am choosing at the moment to focus on infinite hope-that God has a plan and this pain will not last forever. I am considering things in a spiritual way, rather than focussing on the negativity. I have a strong Christian faith and am clinging to this at the moment.

I dream of a better day, of new horizons and being a writer. I am trying to make my dreams happen by writing this blog.

I wonder how others deal with the trials and testings of life? Do you have a faith? Do you have your own hope recipes? Is it okay to feel despairing? Or is this just self-pity?

So today’s recipe of hope is to seek answers from others. To seek help when we need it.

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