Daily hope day 28

This morning prisms of multicoloured light appeared on the sofa, small rainbow angels. The promise of light, the promise of a brighter tomorrow. The promise of hope.

A conversation with a dear friend happened today. I wonder at the hope another human can convey. This is connectivity-it makes one think in a new way. My friend told me ‘be kind to yourself’. Not platitudes, just words of silken kindness, brushing my bruised soul with sweetness.

Taking small steps towards building hope again is my aim for today. Resting, reading, talking, spending time with the genuine and compassionate ones.

Writing this blog is really helping me go forward. Having a daily aim structures my time and my thoughts are steered towards the positive path hope always provides.

Spring is just around the corner here in the UK. The golden halo of daffodils is starting to show. Small golden gleams springing forth. Spring is a very hopeful time. Buds and blossoms signifying fresh paths to walk down. A season of the new.

Today’s recipe of hope comprises connectedness, friendship and Spring. It also consists of new paths and plans for tomorrow. Spring can arrive even in a dark season and sometimes quite unexpectedly.

I thank you all for reading and supporting me in my Hope journey. Have a beautiful week X

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