Helpful hope

I decided yesterday to ask for help from others because I am struggling with many things in life at the present time. I decided that it wasn’t worth cancelling going to things but instead I would ask for help in getting there. I explained how I just couldn’t manage going to a group on my own and asked for support. A hoping hand rather than a helping hand.

I think personal hope is one thing, but hope that others can help us when we are struggling is a different concept. I have been particularly touched over recent weeks by a local group called The Clothes food shoes helpline on Facebook where people post about not having enough food or may need baby milk and others go to their aid. It is a heartwarming site because essentially it is about human kindness. There is so much need and yet people are willing to reach out to others. This is hope in action

I have discovered that asking for help from others is okay. I am not invincible and sometimes things are just tough. It is not always possible to manage life as I would like to and being vulnerable is in my view a lifeline and a hopebuilder. The reciprocals of life-giving and receiving when necessary.

So today’s hope recipes are to ask for help and not view obstacles as impassable. Hope can be in the help offered by supporting friends or family, especially in times of personal difficulty.

I welcome any feedback on my posts. Any advice or help from other bloggers is especially welcome. Thank you so much for reading. Have a hopeful week X


  1. Its very good to ask for help and be hopeful in hope of a helping hand in whatever way it comes.It might just be a kind word or deed at just the nick of time.How are you doing today dear?Am happy you are making lemonade out of the lemons you found yourself in.
    Lots of love from here

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      1. Thank you dearie.
        I have a book on how to have a clear skin naturally and fast on Amazon Kindle. Let me know if its ok to send you the link to share with yiu friends so they could read or buy .

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