Hope’s Home

Having been through the recent devastation caused by the Australian bushfires, I have been thinking about what a hope home looks like. I watched ‘The One Show’ last night and it depicted a beautiful miniature home which recreated a home devastated in the war. This got me thinking.

So my hope home would be white. It would have three bedrooms, with a study for my bookcases. The floor would have lovely soft rugs and a white carpet. There would be high ceilings and lots of space. There would be lovely, tasteful furniture and a very comfortable sofa which you could go to sleep on. There would be vivid colours, such as peacock blue. with lovely pictures on the walls. Fabrics would be velvet and silk.

In one room there would be a white ornamental tree with several ornaments on it, depicting hope. Feathers, birds, messages. This would be a viewing piece and inspirational. Fresh flowers would be in vases and their perfume would anoint the air.

The rooms would smell lovely, with hints of vanilla and rose and there would be an atmosphere of peace and welcome. There would be fun and laughter and an open door.

My hope home would be a place of kindness and compassion. People could visit and go home feeling better than they had arrived.

What would your hope home look like? Would a home have the hope I describe or is that just idealistic? I would love to have your thoughts.

My hope recipe today is to dream of a future, even if it doesn’t seem possible at the present time. I wish you all a peaceful, hopeful week X

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