Hope for change

The word ‘hope’ carries a breath of promise within it; of fresh tomorrows, starting again and moving forward.

Life has thrown me a lot of painful issues to deal with recently. I have moved home under very sad circumstances and lost my independence as a result. So hope of a new beginning is what I am needing to cling to like a life raft.

Not everyone has the opportunity to start afresh. And as someone who does, I am very mindful that looking back just causes pain. In the midst of trauma, thinking about a plan of a different life is what is helping me.

Hope isn’t always easy, that is waht I have discovered. It is always available though, waiting in the wings to be called on to the centre of life’s stage. Without hope life does seem bleak, barren and to be frank meaningless.

Chane won’t be easy. At the moment I feel as if I have lost my compass and am staggering around somewhat. However I am certain that hope will guide me and be beside me. A person I really trust gave me advice today and I felt he held out a hope liferaft to me.

So today’s hope recipes are to hope for change but not expect it to happen instantly and to also speak to others for their perspective on the way forward.

Keep hoping dear readers and I hope those of you who are struggling will find a way to change things for the better X.

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