Hope of transplantation

The bible speaks of being rooted and grounded in love. I have been given a wonderful book on meditations for those in recovery and this is helping me move forward in my recovery process.

I am trying to establish a new life, having had no choice in losing my former one. I have lost my home, lost my independence and literally had two days with jetlag to pack up a life. That is quite a lot to contend with. The aftermath is such a battle.

So now I am thinking about transplanting myself to a different pot, with God’s help. Yes I believe in God and for those of you dear readers out there who are following this blog, this site isn’t aimed at those who believe in God. it is more aimed at those who don’t and for who life has dealt crushing and bitter blows. So please keep reading.

So I am hoping for a new pot to put some roots in. I am in the process of trying to settle in a place where I won’t remain and work out what to do next. I want to write, I want to live in my own beautiful home and I want to feel safe. So the process of transplantation has begun.

Rootbound plants are not going to grow. I wonder if I had become root-bound in the very palace I had created. Even though this current landscape is incredibly painful, I think I am growing. Am I?

I do not want to be pot-bound. I do not want to define myself by yesterday’s choices. So hope today is for a new fresh place, a fresh hope of a new and beautiful home.

My recipe of hope today is to think about roots and ask questions as to whether you are pot-bound. If so perhaps it is time to be brave and move to a brand new pot. Consider what support you will need to do so. Change takes courage and it also takes time.

I wish you all a hopeful and courageous weekend X

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