Today’s hope recipe

I heard a programme today by the wonderful Joyce Meyer who has been an enormous influence in my life. She spoke of not taking offence.

The word ‘offence’ comes from a Greek word meaning to put bait in a trap. being offended according to Joyce Meyer traps us instead. so today I am going to talk about the impact these words have had upon me.

I have been easily upset and offended over recent days. I have almost looked for things to justify my own unhappiness. I have been so sad about losing my home and independence and have almost been projecting my deep grief onto all those around me, finding reasons to feel upset. I see that even though life is and has been extremely tough for a long time now, it is pointless to expect others to make me happy or even allow them to make me unhappy. Happiness comes from within.

My personal faith has also taken a battering recently. I have been surprised by unexpected suffering and the wonderful Australian adventure has closed, so I am facing the aftermath of trauma to be frank. However I battle on with hope held like a beacon of light. Today isn’t as painful as last week. I am reading ‘Rooted In God’s Love’ which is helping me in this journey. This wonderful meditative book is helping me to think about recovery and get there slowly.

One thing I have been trying to do is let things go-possessions, attachment to objects as well as being upset by others. I want to try to maintain a sense of peace within if I can. Upset festers, trauma festers. It doesn’t just vanish, however ruminating upon what others have done to me and the hurt they may have caused just seems to make it worse. I cannot go back that is a given. I can only press forward, or perhaps more aptly stand as best as I can in the midst of my storm and inch forward, with God’s help.

Once again thank you for those of you cheering me on in my blog writing efforts, especially those of you followers and likers. It makes me believe I can write as this is the first real go I have had at blogging. I am being brave.

So today’s hope recipe is not to take offence and to take responsibility for one’s own happiness. I recommend Joyce Meyer too. Have a peaceful day X

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