Hope that cuts through

Today I went to see some friends and discussed a situation that had appeared stagnant and putrefying. The scene seemed hopeless!

Speaking to my friends, they were truthful and spoke straight to my heart. They helped me create a plan as to the best way forward and think how I could reach a purposeful and SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound) goals.

My friends used hope as a weapon to cut through a stagnant situation and slice it apart. I then saw through the stagnant putrefaction and beyond, into an ethereal sky that was simply and utterly beautiful. This is true friendship in my view.

When we are stuck, we need hope to be real, to play an active role in our life. And sometimes it is not possible to do this on our own. We need friends who can talk things through and help us see that things can change. We need friends who can offer us a literal hand of hope.

So today I have a move forward plan. I have a situation that doesn’t seem as bad. And most of all, I have hope in my heart again.

Today’s recipe for hope is friendship and having trusted people to advise and speak into someone’s life. It is trusting that there can always be a different plan when life strikes a very tough blow. Today I celebrate friendship X

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