Hope forward

Today I am making plans, because life is not stagnant and we need to have things to look forward to, because these are the ingredients for a happy life. Being stuck is in my view (and I have a lot of experience of this) a choice.

So hope can lie in making plans and setting goals. It can be about simply meeting for a coffee or reading a cheery Facebook blog. Hope lies in the small choices of the positive steps to construct a day. I think hope equates to making small brush strokes to construct a large and beautiful landscape of our life. And no it isn’t always easy.

The Bible speaks of hope in an interesting way. Paul writes that ‘suffering produces perseverance and perseverance, perseverance character and character hope’ (Romans 5 3-4). I have never really thought about how this could happen, but as I have written this blog I have realised that suffering does indeed produce hope, because as I have suffered some awful personal circumstances recently, I now see that this is true.

In my suffering I have had to persevere. I have had to cling on and yes in my view that has built character. And actually through this weird and winding journey through a suffering landscape, I have found that hope has become far more real. So yes I now understand the Bible verse far more than ever before.

I think hope has many facets and is like a rainbow in her variety of colours. She is truly magnificent and beautiful

For those of you suffering and struggling, I identify. I would encourage you to talk to someone and not give up. Yesterday was a very hard day and today is a brighter one. Shafts of light can always appear from the darkness.

I wish all of you lovely readers and followers a hopeful and brighter day X


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