Fifty shades of hope

Over recent days I have begun to see many shades and variations of hope. I am reminded of a lovely kind friend with a winning smile and a cuppa at hand and also of a rainbow which arises during a dark storm, offering a sign of beauty proclaiming to the world colour and light in gloom.

Hope offers itself in so many ways and through my journey into hope I have begun to see how acting in a hopeful manner and choosing a hopeful path is a way through suffering and an antidote to despair.

Yesterday I met a friend and experienced their hope towards healing. They are pursuing a path of sensible nutrition and wise lifestyle choices. They embraced me with love and kindness and cheerful optimism.

Yesterday evening I missed a train and my friend’s family member gave me a lift, going well out of their way to take me home so I wouldn’t be cold. This huge act of kindness fills me with hope that people can be very kind. This gives me hope for us humans. This is akin to a shaft of light coming in to a darkened room.

I am more and more touched by humans reaching out to other humans. Yesterday my friend bought two ‘Big Issues’ and told me that she has sometimes bought eight to help the vendor out. This is hope in action, helping someone up with a hand reaching into their pocket. I also witnessed people giving pavement dwellers food and I saw people eating nicely wrapped food packages that it appeared they had been given. I saw water people on the streets had beside them and once again wondered if this had been purchased for them. I was hopeful that people on the streets are being treated with the kindness and compassion they deserve.

So today’s hope recipes are friendship, kindness towards friends and strangers and those on the streets. It is the parable of the Good Smaritan, because in giving to others we ourselves receive.

Have a hopeful weekend X

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