Thinking about hope

‘If you’re hopeful about something, you’re optimistic. You think it’s going to turn out OK. … Hopeful comes from the word hopemeaning “optimism about a future event,” and the suffix -ful, meaning “full.” So if you’re hopeful, you’re full of hope: you think something good is going to happen’.

That is what I discovered when I searched for hope on the internet. However my adventure into hope (and you may have noticed that I have altered the title of the blog from ‘Journey’ to ‘Adventure’), has given me a different perspective on the meaning of this very well known but I think often misunderstood word.

I think hope is misunderstood because I have not experienced it as optimism. I have experienced hope as a guide towards a light, leading me away from despair which over recent days has threatened to envelope me. I have seen hope as a rainbow, offering promise that may yet be far away. Yes hope does suggest a positive future, but not necessarily as narrow as one event. In all honesty I feel writing this blog has been a release from personal pain and has created in me a hope for a brighter tomorrow that I did not think possible. It may seem a little strange but I think that hope is closely aligned with despair, because when we feel despair then we can feel hope more acutely.

Thank you for the feedback I have had which I am so grateful for. Thank you once again for reading my site because it makes me want to carry on. And thank you too for those of you who like the posts because it makes me feel as if I am writing in a way that is meaningful.

I have altered the word ‘Journey’ to ‘Adventure’, because exploring hope has indeed been an adventure for me. This four letter word now fascinates me and focussing upon what this means in terms of everyday life has precipitated me into far more adventurous terrain than I have ever traversed before. It has made me try new things, act with courage and most of all face my fears and also my ability to defend against life through procrastination.

So my recipe of hope today is to try living a life where hope is the focus. And please let me know the outcome. I would love to hear your stories of whether this blog has impacted you, whether any of you lovely readers have tried any hope recipes and even if you disagree with me. All comments and feedback are welcome.

Have a hopeful day X

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