Hope into life

Yesterday the sky was teeming with God’s tears. A tragedy occurred and I want to do honour to a subject that is very close to my heart suicide.

The man that did this was truly ill and I witnessed the aftermath impact, which was horrendous. This made me understand the utter importance of hope, because when hope runs out, so does a desire to live.

I have always felt for those who struggle with suicidal thoughts, desires, or intentions, because for me life has been a battle to keep going, with hardly any let up. Dreams not coming true, or seeming to then evaporating and everyone else excpet me getting their ‘happy ever afters’ has been my script. But this has created in me an empathy for the suffering ones amongst us and the people who get their dreams fulfilled aren’t necessarily always that happy I now realise.

So what can we do. I keep hope alive myself because exiting life by my own hand is not what I wish to do. Because it has a ghastly ripple effect. I also try to promote a culture on social media where people can talk about this stuff. I promote saying ‘I am not okay’ and hope others will do the same.

Let us as humans look out for one another. Let’s keep having cups of tea and coffee together and let’s hug each other and most of all let’s lsiten. Even if one of us falls down, the others can help them back up.

Today’s recipe of hope is ‘it’s okay not to be okay’. If we aren’t okay that is part of the human condition. The second hope ingredient is to look out for people who may be struggling and reach out a hand of hope to them-call them, invite them out. And if you aren’t okay, please speak to someone and ask for help. People care, they really do.

Keep reaching out X

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