Hope for change

I have been going through great upheaval recently and have felt jiggled about and thrown. I have viewed change in a negative light and craved to go back into the past, to rewind and change my life.

However that is impossible. So I have started slowly to embrace the things I cannot change and try to change the things I can. I have even come to accept that losing a home can be the start of a fresh chapter. I haven’t arrived at a point of full acceptance, but I am starting to turn this over and over in my mind, examining it and thinking about a future I hadn’t envisaged.

We can never go back and looking backwards wistfully wanting to turn the clock back creates a life of regret in my opinion. Changing one’s future is a better focus I feel. Whilst there is nothing wrong with memories, there is a place for them and I have sometimes become stuck-not being able to move forward, especially in terms of accumulating many lovely things. Again there is nothing wrong with this, as long as they don’t become entrapments.

So building blocks of change are keeping things in perspective and accepting change. And it is okay if this takes time and some may take a little more time than others.

Today’s recipe of hope comprises hope for change and this may be done in tiny baby steps. It also involves looking forward and keeping memories in their rightful place and not trying to avoid the present and future by focussing on the past. Balance of the present past and future is the recipe of hope for today.

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