Hope at the end of the tunnel

I post this today because it is a poignant and beautiful depiction of the pain and cost of depression. And because one of my friends has just experienced the pain of this excerpt.

I have wrestled with a plethora of emotions over the past few months and experienced deep pain. Today I want to pay tribute to myself and others who are champions of the suffering path that never seems to end. I have read other blogs of fellow warriors who fight on. Because life for many of us sure ain’t easy.

Hope and suicide don’t seem very linked. However I believe that without hope it is very difficult to progress forward. Without hope life seems dark, bleak and basically like a puddle of gloom.

Darkness comes every night and then daylight follows. This pattern of nature sets the scene in my view for life. Darkness, shade and then daylight and sunshine. For those struggling amongst you wonderful people out there, please carry on. Because each of us leaves an imprint and extinguishing our light means one less light to shine.

I am writing this to try to help people to live life with a little more hope in it and I hope I am succeeding in doing this. Please send me your comments and thoughts on my blog.

I am so very truly grateful for my growing group of followers. I am touched by some of you with a massive following following me because it makes me feel as if you gret bloggers are cheering me on.

I want to express my personal thanks today to two organisations. The first is the producers of ‘Coronation Street’ for tackling a deeply painful subject and portraying it beautifully. I am a huge Shane Ward fan as a result of his powerful and meticulous acting of this tragic issue. And thanks to all the mental health organisations that offer hope lifelines to us when we need them. Thanks to The Samaritans especially, to all the volunteers who offer their free time to listen to us 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Let’s please keep speaking about mental illness and suicide. X

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