Hope into love

Today is Valentine’s day. That is a day of celebrating romantic love. But for those of us who do not have a special someone, it may lead to disappointment.

However today I saw a different kind of love. I co-ordinate a community project and we had a bouquet of roses at our lovely coffee morning. We all took one home. This for me was love. We all took a flower home and I felt love and cared for. There were many people there, using the food bank, using the clothes bank and one person came bearing items that another person had specifically requested. This was community love-kindness, generosity and caring for one another.

Love comes in many shades and flavours. Love can be filial or romantic.And on Valentine’s day it can be reaching out and giving someone a flower, or food or supporting a community project. And that builds hope.

I live in an impoverished area. Social deprivation is at a premium and people struggle to make ends meet. So providing food and clothes is a way of building community hope. And flowers representing love also brighten someone’s day. Conversation also builds hope and companionship.

So today’s recipe of hope is about community. It is conversation, cups of teas and coffee and kindness. It is about giving and receiving. It is about food, clothes and bedding. It is about having some luxuries one cannot afford. and it is about helping others with no agenda and asking for help when one needs it so that others can enjoy giving.

Keep building a wonderful world community X

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