Hope in a storm

The weather here in the UK has been stormy for the past week. It is blustery and billowy and ferocious. Storm whatever your name is is looming.

I don’t relish stormy weather, although I must admit the intensity is just a little bit exciting. The waves thrashing around and throwing themselves against the sea wall and the whippy wind whisking everyone’s hair into strange styles they never would have chosen.

Storms make an impact. They make not so great memories. But they end and then the calm after the storm as the old adage goes, begins.

So how does this equate with hope? Life’s storms may shipwreck us on a coast we would never have chosen They may pluck us from one safe space into the air and land us on an unrecognisable beach or place we would never have wanted to be. Just like in ‘Robinson Crusoe’.

Hope lies in weathering the storm and also as we have seen in so many news clips, in picking up the broken smashed up things afterwards and throwing them away and afresh. This may be in a firestorm or water flooding also.

Courage lies in both going through the storm and walking out of it. It lies in making a future despite wreckage all around. And it lies in never never never never giving up.

There was a film last night called ‘Saint Judy’ and this depicted the life of a lawyer who made history. One line in it resonated and went along the lines of ‘even the highest mountain has a path to the top’. I may have misquoted. But the gist of this was that there is always a way through and beyond. Beyond those looming storm clouds.

So today’s hope recipe is to know there is always a way out of the storm, even though some wreckage may be left at the end. and there is always calm after a storm, even though the storm may rage for a long time, it will come to an end. And to have courage to endure.

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