Life after death?

Today I went to a funeral service which spoke about a hope of a life beyond this one, of life beyond the grave. This has really made me think.

My personal belief as a Christian is that there is indeed life after death and there will be a lovely heavenly home waiting for me which makes everything I endure on this earth worthwhile and helps me to keep going and keep hoping.

Sometimes people run out of hope and cannot endure life. There have been two suicides I am aware of this year-one in the public eye and one in my own private circle. I have had five losses-most people who have had quite a long number of days and some who have not. Some have chosen to die, some death has come for.

I am contemplating the meaning of life in the midst of all this loss. How do we keep going? I feel as I have said throughout my days journeying along the hope adventure trail, that hope is a key, because without hope life, to me seems pretty arid and in effect pointless.

Pain and suffering are sadly part of the human condition, as is loss, especially as we grow older. We have to face death, all of us and some sooner than others. I admit I have a future hope and am holding on to this.

So today’s hope recipe is to consider what hope we have for after life if any. Also to reflect on the lives of those who we have loved and lost. What lessons can we learn from the path they have trodden?

Keep hoping onward X

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