Hope’s secret

Hope’s biggest kept secret is that it is readily available in many sizes, shapes and colours and available for all. However sometimes Hope is elusive. Today I want to explore this in my hope recipe.

The death of Caroline Flack, like the death of Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana, has touched many hearts across our nation and caused us all to ask soul searching questions. Why did someone so talented and beautiful decide to take their own life? Was it because of shame? Being in the public eye has many disadvantages and unkindness from others is one of them methinks.

We will never know the reasons behind Caroline’s sudden departure from among us but I am left thinking again about why hope does not seem to be there for those who desperately need it. One answer I would offer from my own recent journeys in the company of my now firm friend Hope, is focus and perspective.

In my opinion, hope is an antidote to despair, in a plethora of ways, by offering alternative vistas and routes out of a bleak dank path into the light of a morning thronged with possibilities. Hope is literally a breath of fresh air in our lungs. Despair on the other hand seems never ending, dark,cold and dank, like a corridor with the lights turned off. Despiar pervades and seems relentless. When one is in despair I would argue that hope seems at the least irrelevant.

I am writing daily hope recipes to try and assuage the despair some might feel at times. I have felt despair lapping at my heels often over recent weeks, for various reasons and the simple act of focusing upon hope has banished despair from my sight, like lighting a match in the pitch black. So why not try adding some hope ingredients to your day and see what happens? I am not trying to be glib or minimise human suffering – at the end of the day I can only offer my own perspective and this is merely a year long experiment. But, I know what depression feels like and this is definitely working for me.

\i would really appreciate any comments you feel on the blog if any of you have tried any of the hope recipes or even any suggestions. Thank you to those of you lovely people who have commented and liked the posts and visited. As a new blogger that is very encouraging. I have also enjoyed discovering fellow bloggers out there and gleaned some real gems from their words of wisdom.

So today’s hope recipe is to focus on building hope into your day. And if in despair to try to get some support, even if it means speaking to someone. And to keep a positive perspective even if it is simply being kind to yourself by giving yourself a treat, such as a walk. and for anyone reading this contemplating suicide, please be encouraged that people want to help and if you are able to please call someone. And doctors are there for all of us, especially if we are in deep despair. It’s okay to feel dreadful. And any men reading this please please speak to someone if you are really struggling emotionally. The Samaritans are always there 24/7 in the UK. And it’s free 116123.

Thanks for reading today. May you find Hope whenever you need her X

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