Hope recipe for February

Thinking about February, it is a time of Spring flowers and new life. so today I want to think about going forward. How do we do this?

Sometimes things in life don’t work out as we hope or imagine. Sometimes our plans go awry, people disappoint us and all seems lost. However just as Spring flowers burst through into life, things can brighten and bloom again.

So going forward we can think about things in a different way. And possibly redesign things. Look at things in a new and fresh way. A speaker I really admire says ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got’. Challenge and change is the way to go forward.

Being stuck is a choice. And there are always different and new choices to be made. If we are stuck, then we can disentangle ourselves. We can think about a new job, a new adventure, or moving to a different country. We can find hope in reinventing our lives. We can traverse the ‘road less travelled’, if we so wish.

We can generate fresh hope by looking at our life differently. We can set new goals and SMART (specific measurable, realistic and time bound) targets. We can run them by others and face that maybe even with our best intentions, our current path may not be the best one. We can then review what we do next.

I have been stuck and felt abjectly frustrated. I have sometimes done nothing and felt hope fade out of sight with a sigh of resignation. In retrospect I have realised that sometimes I was simply too passive in accepting my lot, rather than asking some questions.

Things don’t always go to plan. However they don;t have to stay that way. So today’s hope recipe is challenging yourself to make changes and to be sure that the path you may be pursuing is the correct one. Set some goals and if they don’t materialise be kind to yourself.

Keep pursuing Hope – she is there to be found X

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