Journey into pain

Many humans have suffered on their human journey and I am one of them. However pain does not define us, it can however create and instil an empathy for other people’s suffering.

The human condition is one of ups and downs, gain and loss. Why do some of us seem to have so much blessing and others have so much pain? I cannot answer this, other than to say those who have suffered most often seem to be the kindest most generous people.

And pain takes many forms; physical, emotional, even spiritual. Pain comes slowly, suddenly and can be brief and productive for example childbirth or excruciating, for example miscarrying a baby.

We each have our own journey with life and with pain. We have our sorrow and some of us have joy, perhaps not in great measure always. And we have our own journey woth hope.

Hope is a great companion on the pain path. She gives us strength to carry on; even though there may be illness, there may be a recovery, even though there may be death there is hope of a life beyond this one. Hope gives us the strength to see another perspective, a better plan, a different way. And Hope gives us something to live for, a reason to take the next breath.

So today’s hope recipe is simply this-hope gives us strength to carry on despite pain. Try to find the tiniest thread of hope if you are in darkness, even if it is a memory of a brighter day or a beautiful friend that cares.

Keep walking forwards X

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