Journey into tomorrow

Some awful things have happened recently – to myself and others. Some of us have been devastated, some of us are struggling with physical pain, trauma and bereavement. These are some of life’s suffering souls that I am aware of as I write this. And some people are experiencing joy. The joy of new life, the joy of dreams coming true.

So life is a mixture of joy and pain, suffering and recovery. And moving forward is possible. I can testify to this. However progress and recovery from trauma and painful times is slow and can seem impossible at times.

Suffering and hope can be great companions. I have learnt this through writing this blog. Hope has held my hand in my darkest days and walked alongside me. And joy and Hope are also companions. Hope can offer dreams of lovely things ahead, plans, thoughts of the future and wonderful things ahead.

Hope as a companion is wonderful. She is supportive and kind, fun and imaginative. Hope does not offer platitudes but gives a fresh perspective.

Hope does not disappoint. I am sure and certain of that. She offers promise and is a breath of fresh air in a stagnant room.

So our hope recipe for today is let’s keep pressing forward. Let’s make plans even if it’s for our recovery. And let’s enjoy sharing time together to create hope recipes. A true hope feast.

I wish you all a hopeful day X

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