Journey with Hope

Each day brings a multitude of opportunities and a fresh page to write on. I have been considering this and will explore this now.

I love the fact that although we do not know how many years we may have, nonetheless we have many times to correct mistakes, apologise to others and build beautiful memories. We also have times when pain and suffering will inevitably come, unannounced, knocking at our door.

We have an allotted number of years to walk through life until that time when we depart this earth, leaving a legacy for others. I had a friend who suffered immensely in this life and I believe life for her was almost unliveable. She then contracted a terminal illness and quickly faded away. In life she was what I would describe as an ‘Eeyore’ person, full of woes and saw everything through black tinted glasses. But she was always my friend and I loved her despite all this. In her death she blessed an enormous amount of people with an amazingly generous legacy. One friend showed me a diamond ring she had bought with the legacy.

I think we can sprinkle blessings around us as we walk through life. There are many suffering people in our communities and we can reach out to them with love and tenderness. We can also share in the joy of others too. We can leave a legacy before we die. I try as best as I can not to say negative things about people and to look past their faultsd, because none of us is perfect.

I try also to speak positives about people and celebrate their strengths. There is a passage in the bible which talks about doing away with the pointing finger and malicious talk. I like that idea. Gossip is such a destructive weapon, because shame can result. as can be seen with the tragic death of Caroline Flack. who I believe felt deeply ashamed. Although I am only speculating.

Today’s hope recipe then is to do away with the pointing finger and malicious talk and that includes not speaking maliciously about ouselves. I can be my own harshest critic and that needs to stop. Kind and encouraging words instil hope. Let’s say a kind word to someone today.

Keep speaking hope X

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