Walking with Hope

For those of you who have been following this journey with me, I have started to view Hope in a very different way. I have begun to view her as a friend, a companion who can offer much assistance as I walk the pathway of life.

Walking with Hope for me has meant focussing upon her and most of all in recent times when suffering has come upon me. I have found Hope to be kind, compassionate and reassuring, offering me a perspective on a future that has recently presented itself as gloomy and bleak.

Hope is a wonderful thing. And walking with Hope means that every day there is something new to explore with her. I have battled depression for a very long time and my walk with Hope has truly broken through this, because it has shifted my focus from the pain to the promise of a brighter sky, shimmering with possibilities.

I would love to hear from any of you dear readers who have been following my journey, as to whether this blog has helped you in your life journey in any way.

I started this as an experiment and it has turned into something else. I write for myself as much as anything and this certainly has transformed my way of living and looking at life. So please let me know your views or suggestions.

Emotions definitely fluctuate. Suffering is a given in life. However Hope will come if we seek her out. I truly believe this.

So today’s hope recipe is to consider how to seek hope and encourage her to walk beside you in your life journey. It is to consider whether if you are feeling bleak, what steps you might take to find hope again; perhaps sharing your pain with a friend, or a doctor. And it is to believe in hope if you are in despair, because hope is in my experience very eral and very very reassuring. A liferaft in a storm.

Thanks for reading. Keep walking with Hope X

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