Journey towards good news

Hope and positivity are out there. There is so much bad news on the media at the present time and let’s face it, we need good news to counterbalance this.

So thinking about hope is one way to counteract all this negativity. Thinking about the good news in our lives, the positives is really beneficial.

I am still persevering with my hope journey. I am still focussing on my daily hope recipes and how to bring hope alive each day. And it is truly helping me.

We are on the road towards Easter and daffodils are starting to come through. The Spring is slowly slowly starting to come. And Easter is a way away when I can start drinking coffee again!

Sometimes life isn’t exciting or memorable. It is a daily succession of similar days. However what I have been learning is to infuse each day with a sprinkling of hope, often for the future. And it helps, it really does.

So today’s recipe for hope is to just focus on the positives. To think about the good news in our day and to count our blessings, even if they seem far off. And where there is no apparent good news, perhaps bring some good news into their day, either buying flowers or a small gift.

Keep hopeful everybody X

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