Hope from heaven

Today I went to a wake. This is the fifth death of 2020 and has made me reflect on the meaning of life.

Today’s service was a celebration of the life of a woman who was the epitome of a good Christian. This lady loved serving others and looking after the environment. She was an inspiration to everyone who knew her. The service was like a shower of hope from heaven over us all.

The hope this woman gave us was to serve others and emulate her. She was a walk leader and on the way home my mum and I went on a long walk in her memory. It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed looking at the Spring flowers as we strolled.

When we leave the earth we leave a legacy – a memory which is the essential us. The trivia of life is stripped away, our mistakes, our regrets and what is left is our intrinsic self. This woman was essentially a lovely serving person, committed to helping others and looking after the planet.

Today someone gave me hope from heaven. I thought about this dear lady and I want to live my life being kind and offering hope to other people. We inspire others even when we are no longer on the planet.

Today’s hope recipe is to think about someone we know or have known and what we can take from their life example. It is to learn hope lessons from those who have gone before.

I wish you an inspiring week X

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