Hope of life

Life is a gift. I totally believe that. Having said goodbye to many dear fellow travellers recently, I have been overwhelmed by the brevity of time spent on this earth. Despite many gruelling battles, I am slowly starting to understand that life is to be lived and not regretted.

Life is not easy, however it is also a mixture of joy and pain, sorrow and smiles and making memories. And all of the several funerals I have recently attended have shown me that we sometimes don’t get another chance to say sorry or even those famous words ‘I love you’.

I want to ‘carpe diem’, to coin a very well known phrase, a lot more than I have ever done before. I want to take that trip, make that phone call because in one instance I didn’t and now I can’t. And although it is no use having regrets, my determination to do a bit better at certain things is strong.

Hope isn’t necessarily far away. It is the hope of getting it right, doing slightly better than before, succeeding in making positive changes. Hope for today as well as tomorrow. And not looking back, but looking forward is far far better for the soul.

Today is a precious gift. So much can be achieved. So many people to speak to, kindnesses to offer, apologies to speak, babies to hold and children to teach. So many ill people to care for, tears to shed, laughs to bellow out and selfies to take. Life is a myriad of colours, textures and words and not just Facebook Friends, although that is one aspect.

So today’s hope recipe is to view life as a gift and what unwrapping it means. Does your gift sit on the table unopened for another time? I have lived life like this, but I am refusing to do so any longer. I am unwrapping it and living my life to the full, even if it means extra effort. Like making a trip to say goodbye rather than the hello I should have said a year ago.

Keep unwarapping the gift that is life X

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