Leaping into hope

Today is unusual as it is a Leap Year. So far, as many will know, I have had an unusual year, starting with living through a national emergency in Australia then returning to the UK to face six bereavements and the possibility of battling Coronavirus. Eek how does hope feature in this scenario!

Well I started this blog as a vague idea and as I have continued writing, I have realised that Hope for me is essential as an ingredient for each day. I would not have been able to cope with this strange year without my focus upon her attributes and qualities. As I have said before, I view Hope now as an Angel of light, sent to help us mortals to face each day. I have always believed that I have a Guardian Angel and I wonder if Hope is mine. I have a strong Christian faith and this helps me enormously. The Bible speaks of hope in the three things that remain; faith hope and love, the greatest being love. I have always thought about love, but I feel I very much need Hope in my life.

I watched a programme this morning and it spoke of being kind, on this unusual leap year day and making a difference. Even if it is just smiling at someone, that can make a real difference to their day. Being kind is more of an attitude in my opinion than an action, because having an attitude of kindness means we can look for opportunities to bless others.

And the kindness of you readers and fellow bloggers has impacted me. It is encouraging to see people viewing the site, because I feel it is worth continuing in my blogging journey. Thank you in particular to all the bloggers from the wonderful Discover site who have followed-I find that very touching because you are great bloggers and your opinion means a lot. And to you lovely long-term and even new followers thank you. I have only been doing this for a short while and just to have a few followers is really lovely. And finally thank you for those of you who have commented, that means a lot too.

So today’s recipe of hope is to be kind. It is to be kind in all ways. It is to be kind on WordPress and encourage one another, because after all we are a community of bloggers. Let’s choose to think about kindness and how to reach others and help them. The ripple effect of this will truly make a difference.

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