Hope in loss

Recently I have been privileged to meet two younger people who are coming to terms with loss of a sense-one with loss of hearing and one with sight. I have been so touched by their courage and honesty and vulnerability and this has impacted upon me massively.

We can take so many things for granted and I have often done so in terms of health and my faculties. But meeting these two people, one of whom is a new friend, has made me view my senses and health in a new way. Life is a gift, hearing is a gift and so is sight. And losing them is awful.

There is a man named Nick Voyicic who has no arms and no legs and yet he radiates positivity. He has learned to live a life without being defined by his lacking limbs. He is incredible and teaches us all that we can live life to the full no matter what we struggle with.

So many people are struggling with mental health issues right now. I read last night of another person who has taken their own life. Another young life lost in a tragic way. The tragedy of suicide seems to be very prevalent at the present moment.

This year has been so utterly strange thus far, as I am battling coming to terms with the loss of my own home, six bereavements and other personal matters that have taken their toll somewhat. I have found Hope to be a rock at this time, because she reassures me of a path through all this.

And I am finding things are slowly turning around. Recipes of hope are cooking up for me better days than I ever imagined. I have had the hardest darkest times I have ever experienced over recent days and yet hope has kept me fighting onwards. My choice to sprinkle ingredients of hope into each day is truly making a difference. My perspective is shifting.

One thing that is emerging most strongly is a desire to write. This was a childhood dream and I am now fulfilling it. I am finding it a release. and I would most definitely recommend blogging to anyone who is considering it. It is a way of exploring life and very healing if one is going through emotional pain.

There is much treasure to be found in each day. There is treasure in the darkest places, if we dig deep. There is treasure in connectedness with other humans and the simplest things, like conversation, nature and sitting still and thinking.

Hope means we are not alone. Hope guides and lifts us beyond our present circumstances into a future place where things are better. Hope truly does not disappoint, if we invite her to join us in our day.

So today’s hope recipe is gratitude for our senses and if we have lost health, or senses or even limbs, to consider how we can live with this loss and maybe use this situation to help others. And to be grateful for the small things that give us pleasure. Just going for a walk can bring exquisite joy.

Whatever your struggles, I wish you a hopeful and peaceful Sunday X

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