Hope for the environment

There is much on the news about the environment. Greta Thunberg inspired me recently at her speech at a rally in Bristol. I feel those of us who have been on the planet a long while must consider doing things differently.

So what have I been doing to change things? I have set up a clothing bank and a mini food bank at the project where I work. I have started to talk to friends about how much waste we can save and to challenge myself with whether I need to buy any clothes or whether I can manage with the ones I have.

I think it is about being creative and looking at life through environmental coloured spectacles. And here is one example that has really made my week.

We had a family party on Friday and it involved a huge buffet, for fifty people. and the very generous caterers in my view over-catered and made a sumptuous feat for about a hundred. It was put out and then a lot came back. I felt I should have helped clear it up, but it was left to one person, who was tired and so cheese and egg sandwiches, quiches, sausage rolls and scotch eggs came home, all thrown about and in disarray.

I spent time disentangling them and boxing them up and in the end there was a lovely large pile of boxes. We had some for lunch which was very nice. However food can so easily become dangerous if it is left out. I was so sad because the decision was ultimately made to ‘chuck it’. Hundreds of pounds of food waste was not my idea of good environmental management!

Then, out of nowhere I had a brainwave. Someone I know keeps chickens, so I contacted them. And yes they were so pleased to receive the scraps and none was wasted. The seven chickens have been enjoying the sandwiches and other food and the rest will just go back into the ground.

I felt so happy to know that I had been creative in my waste management. I feel there is a responsibility to not be cavalier about things I may have not cared about before. Because I will be exiting this planet someday and I want to have done my best to care for it.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I went to a wake recently, celebrating the life of someone who cared deeply for the planet. She rode a bike or walked and was committed to environmental issues. She was always out and about as a beacon to light the way for caring for our earth. And she has inspired me. I wonder what she would think if she knew about the chickens. Somehow I think she would smile her beatific smile and say ‘well done’.

Today’s recipe of hope is to make a change to the environment; use that food you were going to throw away, take things to charity or have a swap clothes session with your friends. Give unwanted food to a homeless charity. If we all make small changes it will make a massive difference. And please let me know the outcome!

Have an environmentally friendly week X

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