Hope of C.A.L.M.

Today I attended a beautiful, poignant funeral for a wonderful young man who decided to exit the planet at age 45. He shone brightly while he was here. I promised his father that I would keep ‘fighting on’ to help adults with mental health issues. so that is what I am doing now.

The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is an amazing organisation, fighting the battle against the tragedy of male suicide (84 men per week!). I celebrate this organisation today, because they are offering hope to others: hope of life, hope of building memories and of a future, even if some days are very hard.

I also celebrate and shout out to all you male readers who are battling depression. Please keep battling on, you are not alone. And please speak about your pain, cry those tears and don’t feel weak because you feel emotions. It is good to shed tears and normal for both genders to do so. People really care.

Let’s be kind to those around us, offering a hug or a hand of hope to help someone else up. With the new virus about, let us be especially kind, by taking care to wash our hands and not use tissues twice. And let us be mindful of those nations who have lost many many people.

Let’s have our own campaign as I am, to offer hope to those around us, by the actions we do, such as phoning someone and checking in on them and asking if they are okay. Let;s be humans, connecting with one another and I am going to be brave in saying this, let’s communicate verbally. There is so much addiction to technology (I am guilty of this sometimes) and the art of conversation may die if we do not keep it alive. Let us consider putting our smart phones down and speaking to each other, sharing an evening just enjoying each other’s company. That is connectedness and humanity.

Today’s recipe for hope is to celebrate wonderful organisations like CALM and to be connected to others. Please make that phone call, visit that person, write that letter. Because you can. I am not able to say goodbye to someone and will be paying my last respects to a coffin instead.

Have a connected week X

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