Hope of home

I have attended two very different funerals over two days which I know is extremely unusual. One was a 91 year old Catholic priest and the funeral was taken by a Bishop. The other was a 45 year old man who committed suicide a week before his 46th birthday.

Today;s funeral was beautiful. This priest was a humble man who never spoke about himself or boasted. He was simply a servant to others. Extremely private, he lived a quiet peaceful life and was loved by many. Sixteen priests came to send him on his journey.

The suicide was a tragedy. A life cut short that broke the hearts of those around him. So much promise, just gone. A life not fully lived. A life swallowed up by pain.

So what have I learnt from all this. That life can be wasted- by that I don’t mean that one person’s life was wasted, but in a sense suffering can swallow people up and then their short life is wasted. Life can be wasted or used to benefit others. I want mine to offer hope to other people.

So I am reflecting on making my life count. The priest had loads of books and I love books. I felt a strong connection with him. I never spent enough time with him in life and rather than regret it, I want to change things and go an spend time with people who are alive and enjoy being with them.

Life can be lived in many ways. We can procrastinate, we can get bogged down with meaningless rubbish, or we can soar and fly like this amazing priest did. His life was simply wonderful.

I have now lost seven souls and been to many funerals. Life is but a breath. I am facing the thought of my own mortality and I am not frightened. The only real desire I have is to really know God and to touch others with my life.

Today’s hope recipe is to consider what life means for us and ask some hard questions: am I stuck? Am I truly happy? Am I going in the right direction? It is never too late to change and it is my belief we can change whatever situation we are in; being stuck is a choice. Help is always at hand.

I wish you a safe journey through the week X

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