Hope into health

The coronavirus is dominating world news at the current time. People are frightened and an insidious panic is spreading like an ink blot across our nation. So how can we face the threat?

I think it is important to be careful and follow health advice and to be hygienic. However the fear of the virus is in my view dominating a lot of people’s thinking. And of course we must be careful. However to place things in perspective-some people have recovered and this virus is really only deadly, from my understanding, for people over sixty and those with pre-existing health conditions. This is horrible but rather than be swamped with fear I am choosing to remain hopeful.

As a world we are all experiencing this threat. I heard today of people making detrimental comments to a Chinese visitor. That is cruel and so unnecessary. Bullying racist comments are unacceptable and illegal.

I am hopeful because I will take precautions and be careful. I will wash my hands and consider not travelling on public transport quite as much. I will enjoy time with friends and family and will use hand sanitiser while I am out and about and not use my phone in public.

I will not panic about this, because hopefully I won’t catch it. I will take sensible precautions and discuss safety plans with others. I will not minimise the risk and will keep away from people with serious health conditions, even if I have only mild flu like symproms. But mosr of all I will keep living, going to work and enjoying my life whilst being sensible and wise.

Health is a gift. Life is a gift. Sadly illness is part of life and try as we may, there will inevitably be illnesses that catch us by surprise such as AIDS when it first arrived. Doubtless there will be a coronavirus vaccine at some point. I am trying to keep everything in perspective.

So today’s hope recipe is keep calm and carry on. Keep wise too. Don’t panic buy because that is not necessary. Just be sensible and if you are unwell, self-isolate with advice. We need to be kind and think of others at this time, as well as ourselves. And please let us be kind to people from other nations.

I wish you a healthy week X

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