Hope for vision

There is a proverb in the bible which states: ‘without vision the people perish’. Today I want to think about vision.

What is vision? Is it sight? I think in one sense it is, but like the proverb suggests, it is a view for one’s life, a passion for something. And it is a wonderful driving force when all seems lost or hopeless.

So how do we maintain vision. I think that hope is a fabulous ingredient in creating a recipe for vision. With hope we can believe we can change things and that we can make a difference in the world. With hope we can build a better future. Greta Thunberg is for me the epitome of a young person with a vision.

I have a vision to write my hope blog every day and this keeps me going, not the viewing figures. I have a vision to write about hope because I believe in it and I also want to help other people.

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