Hope of a voice

Today I went to a lovely community event which gave local people the opportunity to take part on a local radio show. This gave people a voice.

Having a voice is important. Having a voice gives hope, because voices speak out. We can speak out for justice, we can speak for truth. We can help shape other people’s opinions and change their mind. We can fight against injustice and fight for justice. We can inspire, instruct and learn from the voice.

So let’s use our voices to speak up and speak out. Let’s not be silent about issues which matter. Hope for change can come through words. And silence speaks volumes too. Not speaking gossip or saying unkind words is very important. Being kind through not participating in cruelty is so so important.

Let’s use our voices to speak out or be silent as appropriate. Let’s look for opportunities to lift others up with kind and encouraging words.

So today’s recipe of hope is to consider when to speak up and when to be silent. It is to consider the power of words. And maybe to ring someone who needs to hear your words or to write a letter. Words matter, they really do.

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