Journey into justice

Today I want to write about the hope that comes from fighting for justice. And I mean fighting!

I don’t want to go into masses of detail, however I have personally found that for justice to be done, even though this may seem an odd comment, one has to fight. By that I mean push, make phone calls, make complaints, raise one’s voice again and again and again!

Justice isn’t necessarily handed to us on a plate. It seems one has to make a lot of effort. One might say that the law is most definitely not on the side of the victim. But hope is involved in raising one’s voice and not giving up and allowing injustice. I think here of the amazing Martin Luther King who had a dream of justice in America. And now there are equal rights.

Sometimes we must stand and stand and stand for what is right. We must stand against domestic abuse. We must stand against stalking and harrassment. Yes it takes courage and resilience. And sadly some women and it is mainly women, have lost their lives by being brave and reporting their partner or a stalker. But let’s battle on regardless.

Hope isn’t always pretty. Sometimes she is gritty and battle bloody. But still she fights on.

May all who seek justice find her X

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