Journey into friendship

Today I want to discuss friendship. This is because sometimes true friendship comes at a price. And sometimes let’s be honest, the friends we thought were friends prove to be otherwise.

So let’s explore this further. I have in the past culled people from my life. This was an exceptionally hard but necessary decision. I did this because in essence the friendships were toxic-I was feeling like the other person was trying to control me. At the end of the day we choose our friends.

So on a more positive note I would like to explore true friendship. And I am going to mention someone here who is a relatively recent but in my eyes true friend. I never use names on this blog, because of GDPR and also because I can describe someone without using their name. So this lovely lady told me yesterday that she reads my blog everyday. That touched my heart. Beause doing that is a sacrifice. I have sometimes wondered if I am throwing words into the ether that will always remain unread, so I now feel that even if only one person reads this then it is worthwhile.

I am not blogging for a massive eradership. I am just blogging because I have something to say. And I so appreciate those of you who have joined me on my hope journey.

So back to friendship. I feel it is about giving something to someone else. Someone reading my blog daily is a gift. Someone calling me or buying me flowers is a gift. Someone offering me a listening ear is a gift. And most of all for me I want to be heard. And I tink most of us to. I don’t like to be lectured, patronised or pitied. I like to be respected, valued, affirmed and loved. And that for me is a true friend and friendship.

I have friends that offer me various hues of friendship. One friend makes me laugh and is always thinking of fun adventures. Another is generous and kind. And another is thoughtful and angelic.

So today is a shout out to my friends with a thank you for their ongoing friendship. Thank you for your kindness, compassion and support.

Today’s recipe of hope is to think about your friends and celebrate them. Say thank you for being a friend, buy a present or flowers and most of all be a good friend yourself. Because that means you will have friends yourself.

Have a friend-filled week X

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