Hope into hope

I have been writing about hope every day so far this year. And in these strange times, with a global pandemic facing us all, I want to write about how I have hoped into hope. This may sound a very strange thing. So I will try to explain. My adventure into hope came at a point in my life when I was feeling possibly at my lowest ebb. I wanted to focus on hope to help battle despair. And my own adventure into hope has become almost a mystical experience. I have said this before but I am convinced that Hope is my Guardian Angel and has been guiding me all along.

I now look for Hope in all parts of my day and think about her. And as I do so, hope is starting to truly come alive. I feel as if I have hoped myself into a state of hope, where now Hope accompanies me everywhere. I am more hopeful than I have ever been. And despite having been through some horrible things recently, I am starting to feel truly alive. Sparkle is starting to return into life. It is not based on circumstances, but it is based on having focused on hope everyday this year.

So hoping into hope although it may sound unusual, is to be recommended. Focusing on one aspect of life can give us a vast new arena. Focusing on getting fit and staying healthy, or being kind to others, or trying a new hobby. All these things can create a fresh and invigorating approach to life and rather than simply existing, we can come to life. I feel I am living now rather than existing and that is simply wonderful. And for those of you who are battling despair, I hope my blog helps you a little. Keep fighting on, even reading something has helped me in my deepest despair.

So today’s recipe of hope is to consider your persepctive on hope and perhaps try focusing on it for a day. It is to look for a chink of hope even if things seem bleak.

I hope you have a hopeful week X


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