Hope in boring

Self-isolation is a word on the lips of many. And that sounds pretty grim doesn’t it? However as someone who has a compromised immune system and is wondering about going into self-isolation and with others around me possibly doing the same, the world may be becoming a different kind of place.

So today let’s think about what self-isolation means. It does not mean being cut off. I have had some fabulous conversations recently. Friends are looking out for me and there are more meaningful phone calls with those precious people around me that I really love.

Today I cleaned a box of stuff and sorted some more things out. Things are looking more and more organised. I am doing the long neglected jobs and enjoying them. I am slowing down and not rushing around. My world has changed and I am embracing it. Life may never be the same. But I am not afriad.

I have a Christian faith and am finding Psalm 91 a comfort to read. I am reading more, thinking a lt more and connecting with other humans on a far deeper level. So even though life is not maybe quite as exciting as it was and some things are what I would have viewed as boring i.e. sorting my make-up out and cleaning a box. Doing domestic chores that would never normally appeal Lots and lots of good things are starting to appear from nowhere.

I wonder if boring is just a perspective rather than an actual state of affairs. Things I may have viewed as boring maybe aren’t quite so boring twenty years down the line. Some are essential tasks that keep a house looking nice. I have never enjoyed cooking, but it is a necessary task. And maybe it is time to start to change my attitude towards cooking, especially if I go into isolation.

I think this virus will change the way many of us live and possibly change things forever. But I believe more than ever before in hope so I am hopeful for a kinder maybe more simple world, where humans value one another and value life itself.

So today’s recipe of hope is to consider the mundane or reconsider whether it is that mundane after all. It is to enjoy doing the tasks that are boring and make them more exciting – listen to lovely music while doing the washing up, treat oneself after tackling a long overdue task. And if in self-isolation plan enjoyable things such as calling friends or reading a book.

I wish you all a safe and healthy week X

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