Hope into family

Today the UK has announced social distancing and avoidance of pubs, clubs and restaurants. So tomorrow’s cafe meet up with my friend is off, today’s meet up meal was cancelled. And work is now from home.

I watched ‘Pride and Prejudice’ yesterday and family life was the main focus, with a few outings. But the main action was focussed on one family. And life in Jane Austen’s day was like that, a lot of time spent in the family home, doing washing, caring for the family and the garden. Everything was a whole lot simpler.

So today when all three of my brothers rang to see how myself and my parents were doing, I was reminded of Jane Austen. Becuase life is becoming far more simple than before. Family life will be the norm over coming months as we all try to keep alive.

I am okay with this. Because life is essentially for me about relationships and connection with other people. Life is not necessarily going to be easy, relationships will not always run smoothly, but life nonetheless goes on. And I am readjusting.

My brother in Italy says that we no longer can always have the things we want. We may not be able to buy certain items, we may not be able to go out as much. However it is all for the greater good, so I am hopeful that things will get better. And hope lies in learning to appreciate that at present I am not unwell and neither are any members of my family. We are all doing okay. I am aware that many are suffering from the dreadful virus and that is scary.

So I am cultivating an ‘attitude of gratitude’ as a well known speaker comments. I am learning to be grateful for the food I am able to eat and the sunshine I am able to enjoy now Spring is heralding its imminent arrival. I am thankful for the small things and taking ecah day as it comes, accepting the government’s advice and following this. And this is how I am remaining hopeful in the midst of a crisis.

And I am so grateful for my growing readership, for the followers, comments and likes. That cheers me on. I enjoy reading your words and learning from you. I love the blogging community. I feel I have discovered a secret world of kindred spirits who love words.

So today’s recipe of hope is to be grateful for the small things and enjoy what you can in each day. Accept the sacrifice necessary for the greater good of the community and look to enjoy a new and simpler way of life.

I wish you all health and hope X

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