Journey with God

These are very turbulent times and today I want to share with you how I am coping. I am drawing a great deal of strength and hope from my Christian faith. I am aware that some readers may not have a faith and some have, so I try to write something that will appeal to you all. So I will share a few thoughts with you now.

Today I also want to celebrate and thank another blogger who has inspired me, especially with today’s blog. So a big shout out to Beautybeyondbones in the USA. I am finding other bloggers particularly helpful as it gives me a picture of the world outside my own environment.

I have been thinking about God and Jesus a great deal since my world has shrunk. I am thinking about whether I will make it through this and if I don’t what lies beyond ‘this mortal coil’. I have often wondered what heaven would be like and I imagine my heavenly home as utterly beautiful and welcoming. It is white with marble floors and white walls and peaceful and I won’t suffer any pain.

But while on this earth and confined to my earthly home I am squeezing the max out of every single day. Today I went for an amazing walk with my mum and she stopped me and said ‘listen to the birds’. We both looked up at the true pale blue sky and listened. And there was a small aria happening in the trees around us. A chorus of beauty. And free. It was uplifting. And my wise mum said ‘the birds still sing’. And yes in the midst of a great swirling cloud of fear and mass panic, birds still sing their beautiful choruses. And the sky still crowns the trees.

I am going to start to write slightly longer pieces and I hope that is okay with you all. Because it helps me and I hope you too. Another treasure I have found is Psalm 91 in the Bible, here is what it says:

‘He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High

Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty

I will say of the Lord, “He is refuge and my fortress;

My God, in Him I will trust”.

Surely He shall deliver you from

the snare of the fowler

And from the perilous pestilence.

He shall cover you with his feathers,

And under His wings you shall take refuge.

His truth shall be your shield and buckler.

You shall not be afraid of the terror by night,

Nor of the arrow that flies by day

Nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness,

Nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday

I hope you enjoyed those lovely comforting words. I am putting my faith in God and saying prayers for people to be safe. I am also being wise and heeding the advice given by the government to isolate myself as much as possible.

So today’s recipe of hope is to read the bible (a Psalm is very helpful) or another uplifting book that you may find comnforting. It is to reflect and think about life and what it means for you. And it is to stay safe and be wise. If you are self-isolated and need help then do ask for it. Life is shutting down but this is a good thing, because we can live a different, simpler kind of life.

I wish you safety and peace at this time X

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