Hope into helping

There is a huge amount on the news regarding stockpiling, however I am well aware that many people are helping others in our local community. So that will be our focus for today.

Someone I know is helping a friend by getting some food supplies delivered which they will then pass on. And our family are checking in on one another to offer support. We speak by phone and share stories of being isolated and how we are getting on.

And on the news today there was a wonderful choir of isolated people all singing together from various places. How inspiring! We can join together over the internet even if we are cut off physically from one another.

And in our little self-isolated home group; myself and my parents are thinking about what we can do to pass our days and still be productive. I am making lists of things to tackle and am looking forward to the exercise classes which will be televised soon. I will be joining in! We will also be playing scrabble and reading lots of books and I will be reading blogs!

And I will be doing my best to drop off shopping for anyone who needs it (in a safe way) and making phone calls. I will keep in contact with friends and colleagues and just embrace the new way of living life from home. And I am very grateful I can go for a drive and a daily walk. And I am washing my hands a lot. I have cancelled all my meetings and catch ups with friends.

Life has changed and I am not sure when I will be able to resume my social activities again. But for now I am imagining I am a retired person and experiencing life without going into work. I work at home, but it is quite different from before. And most of all I am grateful for not having breathing difficulties or a cough or a fever. So a little inconvenience is only a small issue in the great scheme of staying alive.

So today’s recipe for hope is to take government advice very seriously. Please only buy what you need and don’t stockpile and please keep safe. And if you are on your own then please keep in touch with others so you can have support. And if you need help please ask for it, especially if you are in a vulnerable group.

I wish you a safe week X

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